Best Books for JEE Main Physics Preparation

If you are reading this, you are one of the many students who are looking for JEE preparation books. Please keep in mind that we have chosen JEE Main books specifically and have excluded books for JEE Advanced. We will be covering JEE Advanced books in another article. We’ve also included links to the online shopping sites where you can find these books for convenience.

JEE Main Physics Books
If we have missed any books, you can point it out in the comments section for sure.

Books for Concept Creation and Problem Solving

1. Concepts of Physics – HC Verma

HC Verma for JEE Main Preparation
Concepts of Physics by HC Verma is one of the all-time best books for JEE Main concept creation. This is where most of the JEE toppers start their JEE Main preparation. The first volume of this book covers the topics covered in NCERT Class 11 textbook and the second volume covers the topics covered in NCERT Class 12 textbook. So it will be convenient for the students too. 
Each and every topic is covered very clearly, in simple and efficient methods. Mentors suggest starting the preparation with this book and choose some other books for more practice. There are many problems given after each chapter which will enhance one’s understanding of the concepts as well as improve problem-solving capacity. The solutions are not given in the book but you can download them here.

2. Halliday – Resnick – Walker – Fundamentals of Physics

This book is used as the general physics textbook in American universities. The way they have explained the concepts is marvelous and hence this book will be a key in your JEE Main preparation. There are too many questions given at the end of each unit and each one of them will give you a better understanding of the concepts. One of the must-have books for JEE Main physics preparation.

3. Physics for JEE Main by Cengage

JEE Main Physics Books

Cengage has published many books which were praised by JEE Main toppers. This book, ‘Physics for JEE Main’ by Cengagehas detailed theory as well as multiple-level problems to make you ready for the actual JEE Main exam. This book also has JEE Main Physics questions asked for JEE from 2002 to 2016.

4. Master Resource Book in Physics by Arihant

Books for JEE Main Physics

The Master Resource Book in Physics for JEE Main by Arihant is also one of the good books available for JEE Main preparation. The theory is well explained and this book has many practice problems too. The author has given previous questions of JEE Main as well as other major entrance exams in this book which will give a better idea about the kind of question asked in the entrance exams.

There are five mock test papers given at the end of the book for practice. The question level increases gradually which is also good for the preparation for JEE Main.

5. JEE Main Complete Physics by Mc Graw Hill

Physics Books for JEE Main
Mc Graw Hill has been in JEE Main books industry for long and this book by them is another one of the good books for JEE main. This book has the theory as well as an ample number of questions to make the student ready to give JEE Main examination.
The book is written by NK Bajaj, former head of the Department of Physics at St.Stephen’s college, University of Delhi.
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