Many of the students who are too much enthusiastic to get admission to IISERs often asks about the books for IISER Aptitude Test Preparation. Of course, your preparation depends greatly on the books you choose, and that is why we see many questions like this.

First of all, let me tell the truth: There is no book which is published exclusively for IISER Aptitude Test Preparation. But there are some books of other exams which you can refer to IISER Aptitude Test (see below). The main reason for this ‘shortage’ of books was the lack of demand, but the demand has been increased a lot in the past two years, and we hope books to be available in the market within two or three years.

But the students who are preparing for IISER Aptitude Test now can buy books of other exams, a few of which are given below.

Books for iiser


Books for IISER – For PCM Students:

Master Resource Book for JEE Main (PCM)

Name Master Resource Book for JEE Main
Publisher Arihant
The publication year 2016
M.R.P Rs. 795/- each for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths
(Discounts available on Amazon and Flipkart)
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As the name indicates, it is a master resource book- it has everything in detail. The theory is given in detail and in sync with NCERT, which is perfect for IISER Aptitude Test since its syllabus is NCERT. It has sample problems given in the theory section and a lot of practice questions.
Each book has over 1300 pages. So you will need at least 2 months to complete all the three books. Also keep in mind that this book is prepared for JEE Main, which is tougher than IISER Aptitude Test. So if you read these books and solve all problems, your admission to IISER is almost sure, provided you spend a little time on biology (To be sure about the admission). Since this book is for JEE Main, you also get a chance to get admission to NITs, where you can pursue pure science courses since some NITs like NIT Agartala and NIT Nagaland offer BS MS in various disciplines.


There are 180 practice questions (on an average) in Maths, 150 in Physics and Chemistry. The MRP for all the three books together is around Rs.2300, but you will get it for around 1800 from Amazon. Amazon and Flipkart links are given below for more details.
Though these books cost more than Rs. 700, it is worth the price because of its well-explained theory and collection of good questions. Make sure you buy the latest version (Links below point to the latest version)






To make sure you score well on the IISER Aptitude Test 2016, I would recommend reading NCERT Biology book. Don’t leave biology, since the number of students applying for IISER Aptitude Test has increased many folds. Also, keep in mind that scoring in biology is quite simple.

What I would recommend as the practice book for Biology for PCM students is:

AIPMT Biology in 40 days

It is a good book for final preparation. It has detailed theory, but still, I recommend reading NCERT. You can use its theory as an extra reference. There are 70 questions from each chapter on an average. Remember, it is just for answering some easy questions and not a book to master biology.

Topics are divided into days. And there are some part tests to assess your preparation. The topic of a day can be completed in less than 4 hours. You can complete it in less than 13 days if you have dedicated your time to this book.


IISER Entrance Exam Books for PCB students:

Chapterwise-Topicwise Questions-solutions for Medical Entrances

This set of books by Arihant will make your way to IISERs. The book contains previous year questions of major medical entrance examinations- more than 15 medical entrances and solution of each question is given in detail.

The level of questions almost matches with that of IISER Aptitude Test. Questions are prepared in such a way that you can solve it in one minute, but you get three minutes in IISER Aptitude Test for questions of the almost same level.

You will need two months to complete all the three books together. The book has 2 or 3-page theory for your quick revision. You can’t use the theory as the main reference because it is too brief. But if you want to recall what you have learned earlier, you can do it within 10 minutes using the theory given in this book.

If you are good in Physics and Chemistry, Master resource book for JEE Main Physics and Chemistry are better choices (links are given above in PCM section) since they will make you expert in respective subjects and thus, you will not have to worry about those subjects in IISER Aptitude Test. But if you are not that good or if you find physics and chemistry of medical entrances tough to digest, Chapterwise-Topicwise is better for you.

Download Sample Chapter:
Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Biology: Buy from Amazon  Buy from Flipkart

Physics: Buy from Amazon  Buy from Flipkart

Chemistry: Buy from Amazon  Buy from Flipkart


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Samarth CS

Thank you for your suggestions …



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