NEET Exam 2017 is just 3 months away and you must be having confusions going on in your mind. As every NEET students know, last months are to solve maximum number of NEET mock test papers or sample papers. Solving mock test papers lets you have the experience of the real exam and also lets you know which topics you should be revising. Whether you have learnt all the topics or have not even read all the topics, you must be solving maximum number of NEET mock test papers now. 
​We are providing a list of some of the best NEET mock test books here, and we think it might help someone. Also keep in mind that having a book of NEET mock test papers does not mean you shouldn’t use other study materials, especially the ones that your coaching centre gave you. You must be solving every NEET sample papers you get, for your own better future.

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Best Books for NEET Mock Test Papers

1. Target NEET/AIPMT by Disha

NEET Mock Test Paper Books

Name Target NEET/AIPMT
Publisher Disha
Editon 5th
MRP Rs. 375/- (Rs.204 in Amazon)
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​Target NEET/AIPMT by Disha is one of the best books for NEET mock test papers. This book contains 10 mock test papers of NEET, question papers and detailed solutions of CBSE-PMT2012, NEET 2013,AIPMT 2014 &15, AIPMT 2015 retest and NEET 2016 Phase 1. The level of questions in this book matches with that of last year’s NEET exams. This book also has detailed solutions to each and every questions. 
​OMR sheet is given after each mock test. The analysis section after each NEET mock test will be much helpful in understanding where the student is making mistakes and also in improving the marks in next mock test.

2.NEET – 10 Practice Sets by Arihant

NEET Mock Test Paper Books


Name NEET 10 Practice Sets
Publisher Arihant
Publication Year 2016, 6th Edition
MRP Rs. 335/- (Rs.201 in Amazon)
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​This NEET Practice Sets book by Arihant is also a good option as a NEET mock test paper book. This book has 10 mock test papers for NEET, and also has NEET 2016 Phase 1 and Phase 2 solved papers. It is by Arihant, one of the giants in entrance exam books publication sector.
​The book gives detailed solutions to each questions in the book. The level of questions given is good enough.

3. NEET 2017 PCB Postal Test Series

This is not just a book but it is a test series. There are 90 question papers, along with 90 OMR answer sheets. You have to send the answered OMR sheet to the publishers through post. They will check it and give you an idea about your all india rank. 
We included this book in this list because if someone thinks to solve maximum number of mock test papers, this is the best option. It costs Rs.3000/- and you will get 90 NEET mock test papers. You can check the amazon link below if you want to know more about it. 
Make sure you have enough time to answer all these 90 practice tests before buying this book. Also it is a little costly, isn’t it? 

4. NEET Practice Sets by GKP

NEET Practice Sets amazon
Name NEET 12 Practice Sets
Publisher GKP
Publication year 2016
M.R.P Rs. 350/-
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NEET Practice Sets by GKP is also a good book in this category. This book has 12 practice sets for NEET and also has NEET/AIPMT previous year question papers from 2013 to 2016. You can consider this book also.


We hope this list helped you find your NEET mock test paper book. If you think we are missing some books from this list, or if you have some suggestions, feel free to comment below. 

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