NEST Exam is conducted for admission to the Integrated MSc programme offered by NISER. Being an institute of National Importance, NISER is one of the best institutes in India for Integrated MSc.
NEST Exam is conducted in the last week of May every year. For the year 2017, NEST is scheduled to be conducted on May 27th. See NEST Exam 2017 Dates, Syllabus and application here.
How to crack NEST Exam in one month?! Well, to be honest, preparing for such an exam in one month is not that easy. But if you have strong determination and desire to get into NISER, you can do it. We hope that this article can help you crack NEST exam, by giving you an idea about your preparation strategies.

How to prepare for NEST


How to Crack NEST Exam?

1. Prepare for the ‘WAR’

WAR??! Yup! To crack NEST Exam in one month, you should lead a war- a war against yourself, your hobbies, your desires, your smartphone and against your mind. Leave them all for the 24 days, if you want to crack NEST. Switch off your phone and give it to your Mom, and say ‘don’t give it me back for next 24 days’.

2. Do the math


Let’s calculate it. 24 days left, with 90 chapters to complete. But this includes your sleeping time too. You have 576 hours left, out of which 216 hours will not be available- either you will be ‘offline’ or having some food, prayer etc. You actually have 360 hours left, provided you utilize 15 hours a day.
Now take the chapters. 90 chapters are there if you are PCM and around 100 chapters if you are PCB. But biology has some small chapters. So round it to 90 chapters.
Out of the 90 chapters, there are at least 40 chapters which you know, or you will remember with a quick revision. Give those chapters an hour each-for the theory, and for the other chapters, give a maximum of three hours. In other words, you can spend 180 hours out of your 360 hours just for the theory.
The remaining 180 hours is for problems. Practice, practice, and practice. Never stop it. How many problems can you solve in 180 hours?! If you can do one in a minute, you can solve 10,800  problems! If you can do one in two minutes, that is 5400, and if you can do one in three minutes, that is 3600 problems. But don’t go below 20 in an hour. That means you are very slow.

3. Books to refer

There are many books available on the market. But be careful when you choose your book for NEST Exam. Medical Entrance books of physics and chemistry will not help you for NEST Exam. You must refer JEE Main books. The one I can recommend is Master Resource Book for JEE Main Physics Chemistry and Maths. The book has detailed theory too, which will be very useful. Links are given below.


These books are very helpful, but generally, you can refer any JEE Main books. But make sure you have enough time to solve that book. According to me, you can complete maximum two books of the above three in the remaining time.

4. Solve previous question papers.

Previous year question papers of NEST exam will give you an idea about the question paper pattern. YOU MUST SOLVE THEM. Solving previous year question papers are as important as applying for the exam. So no excuse for that.You can also refer JEE Main Mock Tests and IISER Previous Question Papers.

5. Refresh your memory frequently

Just solving the whole problems in a chapter and leaving that forever is not the scientific way of learning. Even if you solve 500 problems from a chapter and leave it, you will forget some part of it within 10 days. So solve some 100 problems from a chapter in a day, and some 100 after 5 days and so on. That will keep your memory fresh.

6. Relax!

‘Relax’ doesn’t mean you can stop studying. It just means that don’t worry about the results as long as you are preparing well. Prepare well, that is your duty. Also, keep in mind that this is not the end of the world. There are many other exams coming up. Maybe your preparation for NEST will make you the 1st rank holder of the next exam!

Very much helpful n systematic approach….thnx for the post…

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