There are three types of people in this world. One, those who do not work at all. Second, those who do hard work and third, those who do smart work. The third group, for sure, will beat the second and first groups in results.
Similarly, there are three kinds of JEE aspirants. Those who do smart work will crack JEE, but you have to do smart hard work to crack JEE Main in 3 Months. And keep in mind that it is not impossible to crack JEE Main in 3 Months. Many might say it is impossible, just because they couldn’t do it in two years. I would say it is impossible for sure, if and only if you don’t believe in yourself and if you don’t work for your dream to come true.
​Before reading the rest of the post to crack JEE Main in 3 Months, believe in yourself, believe that you have the ability to crack JEE Main in 3 Months, and it is just the matter of using it in the way it should be used. And take a decision, that you will sacrifice anything to get your dream fulfilled. Done?!

How to crack JEE Main in 3 Months ?

1. Be determined

​For the next 3 months, you have only one goal, only one thing to do – work for your better future. You have to be ready to sacrifice your happy moments that you would have if you are not preparing for JEE, those moments with friends, family etc. They will call you for outings and parties, just tell them that you have to study. Focus on your goal. Believe that you can clear JEE Main in 3 months if you work hard, and only if you work hard.

​Say ‘See you after 3 Months’ to your mobile phone. Delete all the games, movies, videos and songs too. Take a decision that you will not take phone except for calling. Leaving your mobile phone is the most important thing to do since mobile phone sucks time the most! Perhaps you should tell your girl friend not to call frequently, if you have one.

2. Analyze your knowledge

JEE Main preparation in 3 months

​Sit down and think of what you ‘really’ know and don’t know. Make a table of 3 columns. One column consisting of those chapters which you know and are able to solve problems. The second one consisting of those which you know the concepts but unable to solve problems, and the third, those chapters which you don’t know. You have to try solving the problems to make this table. Just don’t assume that you are able to solve problems.

3. Make a plan

​You have to make a plan of time usage to clear JEE Main in 3 months or more. Calculate the maximum time you can study in a day. You have to spend more time in learning the concepts in the first few days. You have to solve problems too, from those chapters you know.

​For example, let’s say one will get 8 hours to study in a day. He knows 10 chapters well, and knows the concepts of another 15 chapters but is unable to solve problems. And he don’t know other 65 chapters. then, he have to spend 6 hours each day to learn the concepts and 2 hours to solve problems from those chapters he know. If he spends 4 hours on an average in learning a chapter, he would have learned 45 chapters out of 65 after the first month. After the first month, he should spend only 4 hours to learn the concepts and the rest four hours should be used to solve problems, such that he will learn all the concepts in 50 days. ​After the first 50 days, he have to spend 2 hours in ‘polishing’ the concepts and the rest in solving problems. ​

​You have to make a plan like this before starting to study. Keep in mind that you should write which chapters to learn on which day when preparing the time table to crack JEE Main in 3 months.
​Points to remember when preparing the time table:
  • ​Find time to solve 10 problems each day from each chapter you know. If you don’t have time, solve 10 problems in every 2 days. Never go beyond 3 days without solving at least 10 problems from each chapter.
  • Mix up chapters that you love and that you find boring to study in a day.
  • Find time to revise concepts studied in every week. Each chapter should be revised in each 8 days. Otherwise you will forget the concepts. You don’t have to spend much time in revision, just have to let your brain recall what was learned. Sometimes just turning the pages is enough.
  • Don’t study a specific subject for long. Mix up subjects to study in a day to avoid boring.
  • Give more time to important topics for JEE Main which covers 70% of the questions.
  • Give more importance to Chemistry even if you don’t like it, since it is the easiest to score if studied. One can score 100+ in chemistry without much problem solving skills.
  • Set time to solve mock test papers. Solve one mock test in a week in first month, 3 in a week in 4-10 weeks and one each (or more) in a day in last 2 weeks. Here is a list of Best JEE Main Sample Paper Books
  • Set short intervals after each 1.5 hrs or 2 hrs, to refresh your brain.

4. Start smart work

​Start working according to your plan. Try not to lag behind the time table. Your time table and the intensity of your work has to match not to lag. Keep in mind the following things when doing JEE Main preparation in 3 months :

  • Buy some good books like HC Verma, DC Pandey etc for Physics and RD Sharma for Maths.
  • Find at least 2 places where you can sit to study. Shifting between these two places will reduce the chances of getting bored.
  • Do not study a subject when it is boring. Shift to another subject or chapter and after some time, come back to the same subject.
  • ​Solve problems faster. Your speed should increase day by day.
  • When answering mock tests, sit the same way you would sit in exam hall. Take full 3 hours. Do not take the exam as silly. Solve every problems even if it is simple and mark it in the OMR sheet (You can download sample OMR sheet in internet).
  • Sleep for 6 hours everyday.
  • Have healthy food. 
  • Don’t leave important topics. Keep an eye on simple chapters like EM Waves and Communication.
  • Solve all the previous year questions for last 10 years and maximum mock tests.

5.Analyze your preparation

​After each mock test and each day’s problem solving session, analyze where you make mistakes and where you have to improve. Erase your mistakes and try to improve your skills each day. Revise the topics you have studied within 7 days. Solving 10 problems from each chapter in a day is the best thing you can do to avoid forgetting topics as well as improving your skills. Never give an excuse on that, if you want to crack JEE Main in 3 Months or more.

6.Final words

​JEE Main preparation in 3 months is not easy at all. You have to take out 100% of your abilities to clear JEE Main in 3 Months or less. But one thing is sure – if you dream it, and work for it in the best way, you can achieve it. Work hard, work smart, do smart hard work. That is the key to success. We hope this post will help you to be successful.
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