JEE Main 2017 is just 2 months away and JEE aspirants like you would have started to solve maximum JEE Main sample paper books and modules. Every JEE aspirants knows the importance of solving mock test papers as it will help them understand the level of their preparation, experience the feeling of giving the real exam and lets them know the level of their preparation. Whether you have learnt all the topics or have not even read all the topics, you must be solving maximum number of JEE Main mock test papers now. 
​We have listed some of the best JEE Main sample paper books here, and we hope this will help you. You can buy them online from Amazon or Flipkart or from a retailer, but make sure you buy the latest versions as we have given below. Also keep in mind that having one of these JEE Main sample paper books should not pull you back from solving other mock test paper books you get from your coaching center or online resources.

​Best JEE Main Sample Paper Books

1. Test Drive for JEE Main 2017 – 15 Practice Sets by Arihant

JEE Main mock Test Paper Book
Name Test Drive for JEE Main 2017
Publisher Arihant
Publication year 2016
Price Rs.395/- (Rs.237 in Amazon)
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This JEE Main sample paper book by Arihant is the first one you should consider buying. This book has 15 mock test papers for JEE Main and the level of questions is quite good. The book gives detailed solutions to each question. If you are writing JEE Main online exam, don’t worry, you will get a free CD with this book having JEE Main online test mock test papers. The solved JEE Main question paper of 2016 is also given in the book.

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2. Bansal Classes Mock Test Paper for JEE Main 2017

Bansal Mock Test Paper JEE Main
Name Bansal Classes Mock Test Paper for JEE Main 2017
Publisher Bansal Classes Academic Team
Publication Year 2016, First Edition
Price Rs.550/- 
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​Bansal is one of the leading JEE coaching centres in India. Their materials and modules are highly demanded and often we get emails asking for them. The good news, that they have published a JEE Main sample paper book in 2016. This book has 10 mock test papers. As the results in Bansal coaching centre is good and the teachers are highly experienced, you can go for this book. This book has a limited availability in retail shops.

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3. Target JEE Main 2017 by Disha

JEE Main Mock Test paper book amazon
Name Target JEE Main 2017
Publisher Disha
Publication Year 2016, 17th Edition
Price Rs.460/- (Rs.222 in Amazon)
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This JEE Main sample paper book by Disha has 15 JEE Main previous year solved papers (2002 – 2016) and 10 JEE Main mock test papers. This one also has 16 online JEE Main past papers eBook. If you do not have past year papers with you already, then this book will be better for you. 

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​We have tried to include the best JEE Main sample paper books in this article. We hope this article will help you choose the best suiting JEE Main mock test paper book for you. Also, if we are missing some books in this list, feel free to tell us about it in comments section below. You suggestions and comments are highly appreciated.

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