The essay you write for your UPSC Mains Exam might be subjective, but the way you write as well as the examples and incidents you quote in it are an important factor when it comes to deciding the perfect candidate. Most people avoid this section and do not give enough time for its preparation which is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. This section, when done well, can be the winning factor for you. So here are a few tips that will make sure that you don’t lose out on minimum marks in the essay segment in UPSC Mains Exam.
Write Essay in UPSC Exam

Plan Well Before You Start Writing

If you make a rough account of all that you wish to write in the first 30- 45 minutes of your assigned time, then you will easily be able to complete the essay properly in the remaining time. But if you do not plan it all out, you might still not be content with the quality after the completion of the allotted 3 hours. This is because once you plan out your essay, it gives you a particular structure in which the points or events are being mentioned in your essay. 

Present Your Content Well

Stick to the format – introduction, main content and the conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should be brief but impactful, and the main body should be distributed into paragraphs so that there isn’t too much information in a single para. This will make your content look very presentable and pleasurable to read.
Often, using fancy words does not do the job. It is more important to make sure the sentences that use those words are well structured. In fact, if you can explain the same thing using simple words, it shows how adaptable and articulate you are by explaining the most difficult things in a layman manner. Do not be repetitive; it might make the person reading it lose interest in the matter written. 
Do not lose focus on the topic. Do not get distracted and bring up points that might not be relevant to the topic as this might lead the invigilator to think that you are only trying to reach the minimum word limit or worse, that you aren’t prepared enough. Also, do not start writing on a topic or heading under which you do not have enough information otherwise it might end up looking incomplete and inept.

Stay Informed About the Current Happenings

Topics asked in the UPSC Mains aren’t simply out of the blue. They have some or the other connection to what is currently going on in the world, are an important incident in history or some topic that is controversial and has enough data and material to be written under it. 
Read newspaper articles and books that have been written by experienced men and women. Make it a habit so that it doesn’t come to you as something you are being forced into doing. Magazines and editorials can help you a great deal in building up your vocabulary and assist you in understanding the manner in which such topics should be covered and written. English news channels that feature debates on the current happenings in the country and around the world can also be of great help to help you gather some strong points and know which side to take.
Write Essay in UPSC Exam
As long as you keep these points in your mind, you are sure to score well in the essay segment of UPSC Mains Exam. Remember that if knowledge on the topic counts, so does your creativity and presentation. In case you do not know enough about the topic, write what you do know exceptionally well. Do not make grammatical errors, use correct punctuation and vocabulary and you’re sure to impress the reader. Most of all, do not stress out, otherwise, you might make silly mistakes. So believe in yourself, and you should be just fine.

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