Whatsapp group for JEE Students – Join Now!

Almost all the teenagers now use Whatsapp daily. It is a great platform to keep us up to date about what is happening around us. If properly used, Whatsapp can also contribute to your JEE preparation.
With that in mind, Zella.in has created a Whatsapp group for JEE Main and JEE Advanced aspirants. You can post your doubts and questions in the group, and meet other JEE aspirants. Also you can get some awesome JEE study materials from others.
However, every member has to follow these rules and agree to the conditions:

1. Don’t send images/videos which are not related to JEE Main/Advanced.
2. Don’t send personal images.
3. You can send MCQs and post questions. However, the medium of communication must be English.
4. Never send Advertisements/App install requests. If you do, you will be permanently removed from group.
5. Never post advertisements of private medical colleges.
6. Zella.in will not be responsible for any disputes between the members, misuse of the group and the problems/losses caused by the group under any circumstances.

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Whatsapp group for JEE

If you are ready to follow these rules, you can join the group by clicking on the invite link below.

NB: We never share your personal information.

Tech Guy

WhatsApp group is full , u can filter the members right..please add me 7780793746


    Hey, did they add you till now?


    We don't add anyone. Students have to join using the link given.
    There are 2 spots vacant as of now. The first two to click on the link can join.
    Thank you.


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